5 Best CPU Coolers For i5 9600K [2023]


CPU cooling is very important for the performance of your PC. The quality of your CPU cooler affects its performance and reliability. The best CPU coolers can make your computer perform better and give you a longer life.


The best CPU coolers for i5 9600k come with a good warranty, a reasonable price, and a great review rating. The best CPU coolers for i5 9600k should have a powerful fan that quickly pushes air through the radiator. You can choose the best CPU coolers based on the features that matter most to you, such as the size of the fan, the type of fan blades, the number of heat pipes, and the size of the radiator.

This guide will help you find the best CPU coolers for i5 9600k. You will find the list of the best CPU coolers for i5 9600k based on their size, material, design, warranty, and price.

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5 Best CPU Coolers For i5 9600K

Design CPU Cooler Retailer
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2. NZXT Kraken X53
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Staff Pick3. DEEPCOOL Castle 240EX
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4. ARCTIC Freezer 34 CO
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Best Pick

If youre going to buy a water cooler for your computer, you might as well go big. The ID-Cooling AuraFlow X 240 is the biggest CPU cooler Ive ever seen. Its huge, too!

But thats what makes it worth it. Not only does it have a huge radiator, but it also comes with 2 x 120mm fans that push a massive amount of air through the radiator. This means that the cooler will dissipate much heat more efficiently, and you wont have to run the fans as often.

To put it simply, this is the best CPU cooler Ive ever used. Its also the first CPU cooler with a controller to help you change the lighting color and fans. Its also pretty easy to install. All you have to do is plug in the fans and the controller to your motherboard. Then, you attach the radiator to the motherboard, and youre good to go.

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While it doesnt come with a fan guard, its not too hard to install. And its not like you have to remove any of your parts to install it. Thats why I think its the best CPU cooler for beginners. This is a great buy for anyone whos looking to build a new PC.


  •  It comes with a powerful 240mm fan with a 12V 4pin connector
  •  Includes a dual-side mounting bracket
  •  Offers easy installation
  •  It can be used for both desktop and notebook


  •  It may not be compatible with all Intel processors
  •  The mounting holes are on the back side of the cooler

2. NZXT Kraken X53

The Kraken X53 is a toptier AIO cooler from NZXT. Its sleek design and amazing features are sure to impress.NZXT is known for making highquality gaming gear; this cooler is no exception.

The NZXT Kraken X53 comes with a massive 240mm radiator, so it can handle a lot of heat. It has two 5pin power connectors, so you can hook up to an external power supply if you want.

The Kraken X53 also has a large infiniti mirror ring LED, which is an impressive design element. It allows you to adjust the orientation of the pump head to fit without affecting the direction of the logo.The Kraken X53 is also fitted with CAM V4RGB Connectors, allowing you to control the RGB LEDs of the cooler.

In order to make the Kraken X53 even better, NZXT added a 120mm Aer P radiator fan, which has a chamfered intake and fluid dynamic bearing that provides silent operations, durability, and powerful cooling performance.This is a really good cooler, and you should definitely consider getting it.


  • Large radiator fan size
  •  Good heat dissipation
  •  Better than many other AIO CPU coolers


  •  Slightly too small for the CPU

3. DEEPCOOL Castle 240EX

Staff Pick

DeepCool is known for their excellent AIO coolers and liquid coolers, but Castle 240EX is their first foray into the CPU liquid cooler market.

The Castle 240EX is an AIO CPU cooler thats based on the same concept as DeepCools Castle 240. The cooler is designed to be used with Intels LGA 1151 socket, but its compatible with most Intel sockets from LGA 1150 to LGA 1155.

This cooler comes with a 280W TDP, which means that its capable of dissipating around 28 Watts of heat. Thats a lot, but not too much considering that it has a 280W TDP. This makes it ideal for highend gaming rigs, and it should keep your processor cool even at its highest clock speeds.

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Castle 240EX is a dualchamber design that features two 120mm fans that can be rotated to suit your needs.The radiator is a massive 282mm x 120mm x 27mm, with 13 rows of fins spaced at a distance of about 24mm. It has a total of 25 fins per inch, which is higher than the fin spacing of most coolers.

The radiator is constructed with aluminum, and the fins are made of copper. Its also worth noting that the aluminum fins are anticorrosive, so they should last for a long time.

DeepCool also uses their AntiLeak technology to prevent any leaking from occurring. This is done through a pressurerelief valve that is located in the top of the radiator.

The coolers uses a rotational pump plate that is placed at the bottom of the radiator. Its held in place by four screws, and it has a clear plastic cover that can be removed to be replaced with the other blank cover with your own design.

The fans that come with Castle 240EX are the DeepCool TF120, which are PWM fans that offer 64.4CFM of airflow. Theyre rated for a maximum speed of 1800 RPM, which is a bit higher than the standard fans found on most coolers.Castle 240EX is a great option for people who want to build a highend system, and it can be used on Intels LGA 1151 socket or most other Intel sockets from LGA 1155 to LGA 1155.

Its worth mentioning that the pump plate can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement. It has two locking screws and four Phillips screws.I havent seen many other coolers that offer a similar level of customization, so this is a pretty unique feature.


  • The antileak design prevents leakage
  •  The sealed water block will prevent any leakage
  •  Superior heat dissipation
  •  Ultrathin and lightweight


  •  Expensive

4. ARCTIC Freezer 34 CO

If youre looking for a highly efficient fan cooler, has a good design, and will keep your processor running at optimum performance, then you need to look into the Freezer 34 CO.The Freezer 34 CO is a very highperformance, very silent, and very efficient cooler.

The heat pipes are specially designed to evenly spread the heat across the entire heat sink. This is what leads to a great cooling performance and a great heat dissipation.

The 54 cooling fins spread the heat evenly around the heat sink and reduce the temperature fluctuations that are caused by the heat pipe.

The dual ball bearing fan is very quiet and only spins when the processor needs to be cooled. The fan has a large 120 mm diameter, which is enough to push a lot of air through the heatsink.

The fan has a pressure-optimized design that pushes the air towards the fins and increases the surface area for better heat dissipation.

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Thanks to the optimised heat sink design and the large fan, the Freezer 34 CO will be able to cool even the newest Intel processors with a base frequency of up to 3.9 GHz.

There are also three different mounting systems available for the Freezer 34 CO, which makes it compatible with a wide range of motherboards.

The Freezer 34 CO is perfect for cooling both the Intel and the AMD processors.Its extremely quiet, and the fan is very efficient.

The Freezer 34 CO is easy to install and wont affect the look of your computer.If youre looking for a highperformance, silent, and efficient cooling solution, then the Freezer 34 CO is definitely worth your money.


  • Excellent performance; very quiet and cool
  •  High efficiency; offers great airflow and reduced noise level
  •  Comes with a dual ball bearing fan with PWM technology
  •  Pressure-optimized design; direct touch technology
  •  Perfect for cooling the CPU


  • The fan is noisy
  •  Does not come with a warranty
  •  The fan will stop working after a few months


Budget Pick

cooling has been around for a while, but their product range has been a little sparse lately.However, they’re back with a bang! The cooling ZOOMFLOW is a good choice for those who want the best cooling performance for their Ryzen CPUs.

This unit features a 240mm radiator and two 120mm fans. The fans are PWM controlled, so they can spin up or down depending on the load on the CPU. This means that they’ll give you maximum cooling when you need it, and minimal cooling when you don’t.The IDCooling ZOOMFLOW also features a wired RGB controller, so you can customize the lighting to match your build.

As far as the build quality is concerned, I’m impressed with how sturdy it is. A solid metal frame gives it the weighty feel of a much bigger cooler, and it comes with a pair of screws and four rubber feet to help you mount it to your chassis.

The pump is also solidly built, so it won’t fall off or come apart.If you’re after the best water cooling performance, then look no further than this ZOOMFLOW. It’ll keep your CPU cool and provide a great, consistent heat dissipation.


  • High efficiency; up to 240L/h; great cooling performance
  •  Can cool up to 200W; designed for dual core processors
  •  Built with premium quality components
  •  Unique design; easy to install and remove


  •  There is no liquid pump in the unit


In conclusion, when choosing a CPU cooler for your i5 9600k, remember that its about personal preference. Weigh each option’s pros and cons carefully before making your decision. If you like the idea of a water cooling system, it will be much easier than you think. Ultimately, your decision depends entirely on what kind of computer you have and the type of computer cooling you prefer.

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